Post Date:August 07, 2018 9:26 AM

Noise WebTrak

WEBTRAK Flight Track Button NEW

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) recently launched WebTrak, a web-based service by Brüel & Kjær EMS, Inc. that provides historical and near real-time flight tracking and noise level information to the community.

“We recognize that our residents and businesses have concerns about aircraft noise. By introducing WebTrak, FXE is providing an informational tool that allows the public to track flights in the vicinity of the airport and report specific details about excessive noise, said Rufus James, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Manager. “This new service also makes it possible for FXE to transparently share the same noise and flight tracking data we are capturing with the public.”

WebTrak, which is integrated into FXE’s website www.flyfxe.com, displays flights, weather, FXE’s noise monitoring locations, and noise levels through a user-friendly, interactive map. With WebTrak, the public can now self-investigate flight tracks to see which aircraft is flying where and when, how much noise an aircraft is making, and which aircraft may be responsible for excessive noise.  

The WebTrak interface also provides individual aircraft details such as tail numbers, flight identification numbers, flight direction, aircraft type, airports, altitude, and the number of aircraft near FXE at any given hour.  WebTrak also enables users to locate their address on the map to determine their proximity to FXE.

Executive Airport is committed to identifying and reducing aircraft noise through innovative technology and continual neighborhood and aviation community outreach as part of its robust Noise Abatement Program. For more information about the Noise Abatement Program or to report excessive aircraft noise, please visit www.flyfxe.com.

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